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TAX CODE: 97945710156

There's a red code for the young ones,
but there's also a tax code to help them
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The goal of C’è Da Fare ETS is to integrate national healthcare in the psychological and neuropsychiatric field to support adolescents in difficulty. We organize sports, recreational, and cultural events of resonance, with the primary intention of raising funds to allocate to projects that we design in collaboration with hospital and healthcare facilities or third-party entities capable of providing assistance.

Your 5×1000 contribution is necessary to multiply the effect of our actions, to fulfill our purposes.

there's a red code for the young ones

In this video, our founder Paolo Kessisoglu discusses data regarding the health emergency.

there’s also a tax code to help them

We need concrete support proposals, which, to be born and develop, require a fundamental and obvious requirement… financial assistance. The 5×1000 is a fundraising initiative for non-profit associations like ours that only requires a small consideration from those who choose to donate it.

If you wish to support our efforts, when filling out your tax return, please sign the box ‘Sostegno degli Enti
del Terzo Settore iscritti al RUNTS’ and fill it in with our tax code:


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We have 5X1000 THINGS TO DO

and one goal: the health of young people!

During the tax return process, support the projects of C’è Da Fare ETS.

tax CODE: 97945710156


What's 5X1000?

The 5×1000 is a system where a portion of the personal income tax (IRPEF) paid by taxpayers can be allocated to non-profit organizations.

How can I allocate the 5X1000?

You can allocate a portion of this tax, through the Income Tax Return, to socially useful organizations like C’è Da Fare ETS. Donations are anonymous and managed by the State, which does not provide taxpayers’ personal data but makes information available on the amount of donations and how they are used.

If you do not have to file a tax return, can you still choose who to allocate the 5x1000 to?

Yes. Taxpayers who do not have to file a tax return can still choose to allocate the 5×1000 using the specific form attached to the 2024 Single Certification (CU), the 2024 Model 730, or the 2024 Personal Income Tax Return (formerly Unico), by delivering it in a sealed envelope to the post office, through an intermediary (Caf or professional), or via the telematic service of the Revenue Agency.

What are the upcoming deadlines?

From April 30, 2024, you can modify your Income Tax Return by accessing the reserved area on the Revenue Agency’s website. Within it, you just need to remember to sign the box ‘Support for Third Sector Organizations registered with the RUNTS’ and insert the tax code of C’è Da Fare ETS 97945710156. Only one preference can be expressed.

The deadline for submission is September 30, 2024.

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