The Association stems from an idea by Paolo Kessisoglu and over time has taken on various forms.

One could say it ‘descends’ from a song, recorded with the help of over 25 Italian artists in 2019 with the aim of raising funds for vulnerable individuals. Over time, it has evolved into a team of tireless amateur cyclists and an organization supporting the young people.

C’è Da Fare ETS is now a non-profit organization that commits – with the help of  tireless volunteers – to break the stigma of mental illnesses in adolescents.

We believe that to do this, information on this crucial, little-discussed, and prejudice-saturated issue, emblematic of a social emergency becoming more pronounced in the post-pandemic era, is needed.

Our mission

It is focused in several objectives, which we would like to share with you.

C’è Da Fare ETS aims to:


all forms of social withdrawal and psychological and neuropsychiatric discomfort in its various manifestations.


the potential of those who, after using mental health services, still struggle with their psychological balance.


risks of chronicity of developmental psychiatric disorders.


vulnerable families who are in distress ur unprepared to manage psychiatric emergencies within their family unit.


awareness among the public and institutions about mental disorders and the need to invest in mental health.



For us at C’è Da Fare ETS, transparency is a core value.

This is why we are committed to preparing detailed financial reporting each year.