Concrete Corporate Social Responsibility actions have increased by 40% in the past 10 years. Over 70% of Italian listed companies have included socio-environmental objectives in their strategic plans.

Companies arecontributing to a process of civil transformation that results in an increasingly urgent need to communicate their commitment to social causes, and thus increasingly establish relationships with non-profit organizations to enhance the reputation of their brand and validate their actions on multiple levels.

We at C’è Da Fare ETS are pleased to initiate collaborations with organizations, companies, and institutions that share our priorities and are interested in supporting existing or new projects.

Brands that believe in us

Public figures

Artists, singers, actors, but most importantly: friends♥️

Lorenzo Jovanotti


Katia Follesa & Angelo Pisani


Geppi Cucciari


Valeria Graci


CDF cycling team

Valerio Agnoli

Former pro cyclist, helper of champions

Marco Bandiera

Former pro cyclist

Paolo Belli

Singer-songwriter, conductor, amateur cyclist

Daniele Bennati

National Team Coach, former professional cyclist, winner of stages at the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, and Vuelta a España.

Paolo Bettini

Former pro cyclist, Olympic champion, 2-time world champion

Iader Fabbri

Cyclist, biologist, nutritionist of champions

Justine Mattera

Showgirl, amateur cyclist

Luca Paolini

Former pro cyclist, helper of champions

Silvia Parietti

Former pro cyclist, champion of Italy

Chicco Pellegrino

World champion and Olympian in cross-country skiing, amateur cyclist

Deborah Spinelli

Influencer, amateur triathlete

Marco Varisco

Master glazier, amateur cyclist

Giovanni Visconti

Former pro cyclist, 3 times champion of Italy, Europe under 23, 9 times pink jersey

Alessandro Ballan

Former cycling world champion

Occupy albaro

Occupy Albaro is a non-political, non-partisan, and non-profit association, founded in July 2013.

They promote solidarity activities without losing their humor and desire for fun.

Granfondo mangia e bevi Vercelli e Monferrato

For the 2023 edition, friends of La Granfondo Mangia e Bevi launched a fundraising campaign to support C’è Da Fare ETS.

Granfondo Mangia e Bevi is a route that from Vercelli to Monferrato, winds its way through old villages, vineyards, and the characteristic infernots, caves dug under the houses, in tuff, intended for food – and wine – preservation.

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