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C’è da fare ETS

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From the 2024 tax return, it is sufficient to indicate in the appropriate section the Tax Code of the Association: 97945710156.

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Did you know that you can access tax benefits for donations made to non-profits, both as an individual and as a company?

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Tax deduction information

Tax Benefits

Charitable donations and memorial donations are deductible for both individuals and legal entities pursuant to Article 83 of Legislative Decree 117 dated July 3, 2017.

Charitable donations made by individuals:

IRPEF taxpayers can freely choose the tax treatment to benefit from, alternatively:

  1. Deduct 30% of the donated amount from the gross tax. In this case, the total donation cannot exceed 30,000 euros for each tax period (Article 83, paragraph 1, Legislative Decree 117/2017).
  2. Deduct the donation from the taxable income for IRPEF purposes for an amount not exceeding 10% of their total income.

Charitable donations made by legal entities – Donations are deductible up to 2% of the declared business income (Article 100, paragraph 2, letter a of Presidential Decree 917/86), considering the social and health assistance purposes of the activities, for donations made in favor of the association.

If the taxpayer decides to deduct the charitable donation from their income and the deduction amount exceeds the declared total income, the excess can be carried forward to increase the deductible amount from the total income of subsequent tax periods, but not beyond the fourth, until it is fully utilized (Article 83, paragraph 2, Legislative Decree 117/2017).

How to obtain deductibility

Contributions must be made through the banking or postal system, including online payments by credit card, attaching the appropriate document certifying the payment (e.g., bank statement, account statement, postal money order) to your tax return.

Therefore, deductibility is not allowed for contributions made in cash.

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