Milano Marathon 2024



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We still can’t believe it, yet it happened: C’è Da Fare ETS participated in the Milan Relay Marathon 2024, and we did it in style! The emotion is hard to describe. Our stand was fantastic, decorated with blue and orange balloons, with our volunteers handling refreshments and our gadgets. Then there were other volunteers, navigating wrong metro stops and a marathon within a marathon, who reached and manned the relay points, proudly waving our flag.

But above all, the runners were our true strength!

The Marathon concluded with a parade of the associations that marched along the final stretch. We wanted to cross the finish line together, so we ran the last few meters to the end.

There are so many worthwhile charitable projects to support, and for us, it is an honor to have been chosen. It makes us realize that supporting adolescents with psychological issues is a topic that matters not just to us but to more and more people.

Recognizing this emergency is the first step to addressing it. On April 7th, we ran, walked, smiled, laughed, shouted, and much more to give today’s and tomorrow’s adolescents more safe places where they can seek refuge with their vulnerabilities.

For us — and probably for you too — it seemed like a great reason to take action.

We will continue to do so, even for ourselves. Because, perhaps not everyone knows, doing something positive for the world we live in (whatever it may be) makes us feel good too.