presentation of our project "c'è da fare safe teen"

The C’è Da Fare ETS Association is pleased to announce the start of the C’è Da Fare Safe Teen project, a valuable initiative born from the collaboration between the Association itself and the Child and Adolescent Neuropsychiatry Unit of the Niguarda Hospital in Milan, together with the Niguarda Hospital Foundation.

The C’è Da Fare Safe Teen project is presented in conjunction with the culture week promoted by ABI – Associazione Banche Italiane and Banco BPM, called ‘È Cultura‘ (It’s Culture). The event organized on October 11th is dedicated to the promotion and awareness of the theme of youth distress and suffering: this commitment aims to raise greater awareness of fundamental issues related to the well-being and support of young people.

On this date, the Association is pleased to deliver a significant amount, essential to concretely start the project and ensure the necessary support for young people, offering them a concrete opportunity.